Ekin is an architect and designer. She is currently serving as a Design Teaching Fellow at Cornell AAP. 


Ekin has previously lived in Istanbul, Boston, Houston, and Paris, and has worked on projects in Europe and the Americas. Her work has been featured in the Venice and São Paulo Architecture Biennales as well as exhibitions at Rice University and Pratt Institute. Ekin's work brings together image construction, material research, and analysis and recreation of assembly processes, through which she explores the relationship between the real and the represented. She has experience in vacuum-assisted resin-infused molding, computer-aided manufacturing, furniture making, sewing and patterning, model making, and bookbinding. Apart from all things design related, Ekin enjoys plants and gardening (and owns a vinyl copy of Plantasia!), making sounds on various instruments and putting together elaborate gifts.


She holds a B.A. in Art History/Architecture double major from Wellesley College and an M.Arch. from Rice University.